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Home Cleaning

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to clean your home, then call Your Fairy Godmother Services and get the chores done professionally and thoroughly.

All our cleaning is chemical-free as we believe in sustainability and are totally committed to providing services that are environmentally friendly.

We don't use any harsh chemicals, leaving surfaces residue free and this avoids aggravating asthma and other allergies. Our clothes are all microfibre and colour coded for hygiene so you'll never have the same cloth cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. Our clothes are also recommended by the National Asthma Council of Australia.

Complete home cleaning service for all accessible areas of the home on either a one-off or regular booking basis.

Full clean or specific areas and tasks only.


Call Liesel today on 0430 301 232 to book your home cleaning job.

Girl at gloves cleaning ficus plant by wet sponge

Small Business Cleaning

So your business is large enough to create mess but too small to warrant commercial cleaning contractors.

Your Fairy Godmother Services is your solution to a clean, organised and streamlined working environment to foster your productivity.

Complete office cleaning or specific tasks and areas only.

Regular scheduled daily, weekly, monthly booking or one-off bookings as required.

We pride ourselves on our client confidentiality and respect our client’s privacy when working in business premises.

Call Liesel today on 0430 301 232 to discuss your office cleaning requirements.

Holiday Accommodation Cleaning & Guest Services

Your guests will be thrilled on arrival at your property and more inclined to return and refer with Your Fairy Godmother Services handling the cleaning and guest services.

Whether you own an Air BnB, holiday rental, investment property or just rent a room in your home, we can tailor a services package to suit your requirements.

We provide complete cleaning, laundry, changeover and meet and greet services on either an on-going or one-off basis.

We’ll restock the complimentary supplies and ensure they is sufficient stocks for the length of stay and provide maintenance services.

All our cleaning is chemical-free which is especially important with holiday properties when you are not always aware of your guests’ allergies and preferences. You can have peace of mind that you have covered all the necessary aspects.

And we tell you what needs repairing and if requested, organise that for you. We check every aspect of every room before finishing. In fact, we’re probably pedantic about that: light globes, switches, appliances, door hinges, cupboard handles, furniture. We don’t ignore problems and faults, we tell you what needs attending to so guests arrive in a well maintained property to enjoy their stay.

We’ll organise whatever repairs are required so you don’t get those annoying calls from guests on arrival at goodness knows what time of day, that something is not working properly.

If required, we’ll meet and greet your guests and check them into the property.

We have built our business on an enviable track record in the Air BnB market and pride ourselves on our strong client base, testimonials and impeccable references.

Areas covered: Central Coast

Call Liesel today on 0430 301 232 for a quote on handling your holiday or short-term rental property requirements.