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Virtual Assistant

  • You have a shoe box of receipts and need to get your tax done.
  • Need to set up a system to keep your personal, hobby or small business records in order.
  • Have a mountain of paperwork, which needs sorting, recording and filing.
  • Need admin and project management assistance on a large business project.
  • Need to get your computer files set up in a workable system.
  • Community group or sports club needs to get membership records organised
  • Have an elderly relative or friend with medical bills, records and paperwork to sort and claim.

Whatever admin jobs you need attending to or you just want to get your paperwork organised, Your Fairy Godmother Services is ready to assist.


Liesel Lurie has extensive expertise and experience in administration and office management following a 15 year career in the financial and insurance sectors as well as running her own small business.

She is available on a daily, hourly or project basis to complete your administration tasks for your personal business or your small business.

Proficient computer skills, data entry, accounts and document management for MS Office systems.